Smile lifts botox at Beverly Hills Aesthetics

As we age, there’s a gradual depletion in proteins and sugars that keep the skin looking young and healthy, resulting in skin laxity, a loss of youthful volume, thinning lips, and the development of wrinkles. You lose the ability to turn the corner of the mouth down for 3-6 months.  With smile lift botox the expert team can help improve your self- esteem and put you on a path to better health and wellness.  Some patients not only have long spaces above their upper lips, but the corners of their mouths droop downward. It gives a mistaken signal that the person is sad, angry or grumpy.  Beverly Hills Aesthetics is dedicated to your overall health and wellness.  They offer BOTOX® treatments to eliminate wrinkles and help sufferers of migraines, acne, smile lift and excessive sweating.  Cosmetic dentistry has helped people to change the appearance of a tooth or a row of teeth, and more importantly, it has the ability to change the way someone smiles.

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A smile Lift does not address the corners of your mouth. It’s painless, non-invasive, and the dentist’s tools have come a long way since braces and chalky- looking bonding.  The Smile Surgery focuses exclusively on lifting the corners of your mouth.  Minimal bruising, swelling and discomfort do occur and may last few days. Best of all, the procedure leaves no scarring. You can visit their official website for more details, and can contact the customer care team for any queries.  1031 exchange company


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